October 5, 2022

Kathleen Grady, 

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Online Public Access Catalog

The OPAC is a database of all the books we have in the White River School library. Click the above link to view and search the database.

Click here to learn more about our OPAC app for your Android or iOS device.

Welcome to the Library

The library is committed to providing materials that support the Hartford School District curriculum as well as reading materials for students on a variety of subjects and reading levels.

The library offers an open as well as a fixed schedule. This ensures students a weekly visit that includes a library class and book selection time, and the opportunity to visit the library on an as needed basis. Students are encouraged to come in often to get a new book.

-Pre K classes: once a week for 20-25 minutes
-K-5 classes: once a week for 45 minutes

White River School participates in two Vermont book award programs.

The Red Clover Books is a children's choice award for students in grades K-4. The set of 10 books is circulated to each classroom for 4-6 weeks where teachers read them and incorporate them in the curriculum as appropriate. Students all over the state vote for their favorite book. The winner, chosen by the children of Vermont, is awarded the Red Clover Award.

The DCF Award is named after Dorothy Canfield Fisher. This program is for students in grades 4-8. Students read from a list of 30 books. We purchase between 18-22 of the 30 book list, choosing those appropriate for our students. Children that choose to participate: vote for their favorite DCF book in April, come to the library for lunch and an ice cream party, and either go to the DCF ceremony or get an extra RIF book.

To read more about these children choice awards check out the Vermont Department of Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I have a book checked out?
The computer says a book is overdue in 2 weeks. However, students may keep books until they are done with them.

What about pre-school and kindergarten students, do they check out books?
Yes, PrK and K students check out books but the books stay in their classroom. Library books do not go home in these grades.

What do I do if a book is damaged?
If the book is damaged do not fix it at home. Please bring it to the library for repair. I have special tapes and glue for book repairs. If a book cannot be fixed there will be a charge.

Do I have to wait for my scheduled library class to check out a book?
No. You just have to ask your teacher if you can come to the library. Ask first thing in the morning.

How many books can you check out of the library?
Students in grades 1-2 can check out 1 book. Students in grades 3-5 can check out 2 books.