March 2, 2024

Boston Trip Will Go On!

The White River School has many traditions that are meaningful, and that provide exceptional opportunities for our students.  Among these traditions is a trip to Boston every three years.  Our wonderful Parent Teacher Association has been organizing fundraisers for the past three years to pay for all of our K-5 students as well as staff to take a whole school field trip to Boston, MA.   You have generously contributed to these fundraisers to make these trips possible!  We still plan to go to Boston on May 17th!

The tragic events that unfolded in Boston last week were very disturbing and unsettling.  Many of us watched them unfold on television as we were on vacation and there was a great deal of media coverage.  Thankfully, the tragic and unnecessary violence that occurred, seems to have been resolved by the first responders involved.  Although many people were injured and/or otherwise affected, the City of Boston and its residents appear to be “back in business”.  Since there doesn’t appear to be any imminent danger; our trip will go on as planned.  Our teachers have done another excellent job of providing an outlet for students to discuss their views on what occurred in Boston as well as answering questions that students might have.  Thank you for taking time to discuss this with your child and to alleviate their worry or fear. 

There will be much more detailed information sent home as the date draws closer.  However, I want to provide you with a general overview of what the plans are:

  • We will leave the school at 8:30 and return at about 5:30 (depending on traffic).  We will travel in coach buses through the Premier Coach Company
  • Our K-2nd grade students will spend the day at the New England Aquarium and see an IMAX movie:  The Last Reef -3D
  • Our  3rd-4th grade students will spend the day at the Museum of Science and see an Omni Show:  The Last Reef -3D
  • Our 5th grade students will be guided by “Boston by Foot” and walk the Freedom Trail.  They’ll also watch The Last Reef -3D

Lastly, many of you have emailed or called asking if you could chaperone the trip.  Due to the fact that all staff members are attending, we don’t have a need for more chaperones.  Additionally, each venue only allows a certain number of chaperones, not to mention limited space on the buses.  However,  I truly appreciate your willingness to support your child and attend a school event.