October 24, 2021

Students Set a Goal to Be a Responsible Learner

Just before February break I held an assembly for students in grades k-5 and we focused on our school-wide expectation:  be responsible.  Specifically, we focused on being a responsible learner.  After a brief presentation and conversation of what it means to be a responsible learner in each grade level, our students were then asked to identify ways that they are responsible learners as well as identifying one goal for a way to improve.  Equally important, the students were asked to develop a plan and/or strategies for meeting this goal between now and June. 

I asked the teachers to review the goal with each student and to be prepared to show this to you at your upcoming conference.  For those of you who have recently met with your child’s teacher and therefore won’t attend the conference, these goals will be copied and sent home.  My great hope is that all of the adults at home and at school will continuously check in with the student on how he or she is doing in meeting this goal.

The big idea behind this is that we all need to work together to help our students understand that in order to meet a goal and to continuously improve it takes a great deal of effort and persistence.  Our students need to establish this early and to be held accountable for this in order to grow academically.  This is a school wide effort and one that I hope you’ll support at home.  In the next week you’ll see signs hanging up in our school related to these goals to remind our students that they need to keep trying and keep working to meet their individual goal.