March 2, 2024

“Bee Amazing at WRS!"

Our students were very excited about our t-shirt design contest.  We had 65 submissions!  Last week the committee met to select the design that will go on the WRS t-shirt that will be made this spring.  It proved to be a very difficult decision.  After a great deal of conversation, the winning design was selected. 


Katie Blood and Grace Gardner collaborated and submitted the design below.   I announced the winners to third-fifth graders last Friday at our  Student Recognition Awards Assembly.  The K-2 learners saw the winning design during a lunch session this week.  I'm very pleased that Katie and Grace collaborated so nicely on their design.  I was very gratified to see how excited all of the other students were FOR Grace and Katie!  They received  a warm round of applause when I announced the winning designers!  I want to thank all of the students who submitted a design and I want to congratulate Katie and Grace!

Please watch for the t-shirt orders to arrive very soon!  I want to thank the PTA for their ongoing and generous support in helping us have the t-shirts made.  Our goal is to have EVERY student wear the t-shirt when we travel to Boston on May 17th.