March 2, 2024

Hartford Police Department Visits WRS

Our monthly school-wide assembly was held this afternoon.  The purpose of these assemblies is to proactively teach and enhance our school-wide expectations:  be kind, be responsible, be respectful, do your best and be safe.  Officers Kustafik and Peyton came to visit with and speak to all of our students today about ways to be safe as the days get shorter and it gets darker earlier.  We hope to include members of the Hartford community such as the Hartford Police Department in our daily school activities so that our children come to understand our local resources.  We want them to know that the HPD can help keep them safe and that they are a resource to be used when needed.  Today, the police officers spoke to our students about how to be safe if they go trick or treating on Halloween.  The officers included safety tips such as:

  • · Have a flashlight or reflective tape on costume
  • · Have an adult with you
  • · Only visit people that you know (Don't trick or treat at stranger's houses)
  • · Have adults check your candy before eating it
  • · Stay outside the houses, don't go inside when trick or treating
  • · Crossing the street:  look both ways, cross at crosswalk