July 14, 2024

Press Release

For Immediate Release:
The school board, at a special meeting on February 19, voted unanimously to rescind the budget from the upcoming town meeting. The decision was made as a result of the pending change in legislation expected at the state level with the signing of H850 and its anticipated impact on the new school budget. The Superintendent and the administrative body are working tirelessly to create a new budget that it will present to the School Board and public on March 13.

The school board also, at the meeting on February 19, formally suspended the search for a new superintendent and removed the second superintendent salary from the FY25 budget.

The board reached this decision after weeks of deliberation and assessment of a consistent stream of real time updates from the State Legislature concerning H850 and the impact these changes will have on the disbursement of public education funds on all school districts throughout the state.

The school board candidates will participate in candidates night on Monday, February 26 but the school board will not present a budget that evening. The school board will participate in town/school meeting day on March 2 and will conduct business on that day as warned.