July 22, 2024

Bus and Recess Safety Assembly Held

On Friday, September 28th all students in kindergarten through grade 5 participated in a bus and recess safety assembly.   Two Hartford School District bus drivers, Mr. Mike Scelza and our very own Mr. Stephen Parsons reviewed the Hartford School District bus rules and expectations for riding the bus:

  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Be respectful of yourself, others and school property
  • Follow the directions of the bus driver

Our students are familiar with the kid friendly language that supports the HSD Rules:

  • Sit bottom on bottom, back to back – feet tucked
  • Stay in the same seat until the bus gets to your bus stop
  • No hands on
  • Be kind, be safe, be respectful, be responsible
  • Use inside voices

Mr. Parsons and Mr. Scelza did a terrific job of explaining the importance of following these rules so that they do not become distracted.  One of our students was able to demonstrate what happens when there’s too much noise and a driver becomes distracted when he attempted to “drive” through orange traffic cones with too much noise.  (Picture a tricycle and orange cones.)  The student crashed into the cones when the audience unexpectedly made a lot of noise and he was startled!  This was unrehearsed, and it turned out to be an excellent demonstration!

All students will be held accountable for following these rules in order to provide a comfortable and above all, safe ride to and from school.  Please refer to the Hartford School District Elementary Schools Parent Handbook for the consequences when students do not follow the rules.  Please discuss all of these rules and consequences with your child at home to reinforce our expectations and to ensure all of our students’ safety.

Our students also spent time brainstorming ways to be kind, safe, responsible and respectful on the playground and with each piece of playground equipment.  The students were divided into grade level groups and shown photographs of each piece of playground equipment.  Members of our staff wrote down all of their ideas.  These ideas were then reviewed and rules for each piece of equipment were developed based on the students’ recommendations and ideas.  These are on display on the large bulletin board as you enter our building.  Please also find the letter that I wrote to all students regarding our overall playground expectations.  This will be on display in each classroom as a reminder to students.  Again, please keep these expectations at home to reinforce our expectations so that our students can have a fun, safe and stress free recess!