July 22, 2024

School Closure Update

Hello Hartford!

By now you have heard that Governor Scott ordered Vermonters to stay at home until April 15. This means school will be closed until after April Vacation. April vacation will be a regular vacation, there is no change in the school calendar. Students and staff are working during this closure and the time is counted as part of the mandatory 175 school days required per year by the State of Vermont.

Most students have done very well adjusting to our new learning format. We do need all parents and guardians to make sure their children are participating. Please help us make this effort as successful as possible by checking in to see that the school work is being completed. We appreciate it. Also let me know if there is a problem.

I understand that this closure has not been easy on any of us but together we can get it done and beat this virus.

Thank you and I hope you have a nice night.

Tom DeBalsi