March 2, 2024

The Way We Approach Holidays at WRS

As we approach Halloween and other winter holidays I want to share with families the way we address holidays at WRS.   Our goal at WRS is to make our students’ learning environment and schedule as consistent as possible.  As you know, when schedules and routines are vastly different, children don’t cope with that well.   Some classroom teachers may choose to have a very low-key party on Tuesday, October 31st in honor of Halloween. (These teachers will notify you.)  However, we don’t allow kids to wear costumes, face paint or any other distracting clothing.  For children who celebrate Halloween, there’s already plenty of excitement and anticipation without adding more to it by wavering too far from their regular school day.

Thanksgiving:  Our school holds a luncheon at which the entire student body and staff enjoy a meal together, family style.  We cannot open this up to the whole school community since we simply don’t have the resources or space for that.  However, we are seeking volunteers to assist with setting up the dining hall (gym), clearing the dining hall and with washing dishes after the meal.  Please contact Mrs. Taber if you wish to volunteer and put “Thanksgiving Luncheon - volunteer” in the subject line and let her know which duty you’re willing to assist with.  We typically need about 10 volunteers.

December holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas,Kwanzaa, etc…)  We approach this very similarly to Halloween.  Some teachers will hold a simple party or gathering but we do not have gift exchanges or display decorations.  We find that this promotes too much pressure on students and families.   Our students will learn about various holidays and the ways that people celebrate them.  Additionally, they will learn songs for our winter concert that are seasonal as well as songs that are specifically linked to religious holidays that are celebrated in December.