April 18, 2019

Click here for Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Infinite Campus Tutorial for Parents

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Campus Parent Portal

Step #1:White River School WebSite

Step #2 Information

Step #3 Drag Down to “Student Handbook & Information”

Step #4A: If you already have a Portal Account Sign In >> and then go to Campus Portal

Step #4B: If you do not have a Portal account, Click     HELP   Show Help

Step #5A: If you have a Activation Key click here and go to Step #6.

Step #5B: If you do not have an Activation Key click here will tell you to contact your school to get Key.

Step #6: Put in your Activation Key and you now have a Parent Portal!

Those who do not have an Activation Key, your child’s school office  can easily email or tell you your Activation Key and they get back to Step #6.

Campus Portal

What Campus Portal Can Do for You

#1 Update your Contact Information (This is a Request)

#2 Update your Contact Preferences (district can override)

#3 Get School and District Messages

#4 Change Password

Campus Portal

Food Service

Future Payment Ability

Future #3 Assignments in Calendar (already available HMMS & HHS)

Mobile Portal

Your Students at Your Fingertips

Access to student information:

Iphone Android


Watch the Mobile Portal videos for additional information

Thank you,


Bill Yates

Infinite Campus Data Administrator

Hartford School District